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May 19, 2022

What's New with Sue at Gluten Free Lady?


The last two years have been a whirlwind as they have for so many of our friends and family.  I decided it's time to start focusing on the positive and encouraging as many people that will step out of all the noise to listen, learn, grow and fight for survival.   It's been said that when one door closes another one opens.  My instincts are telling me that there are so many out there searching for that door.  Who's gonna open it and walk through?  


Giving a quick shout out to my friend Brandy Lemire. Her and her husband Mike launched a new Holistic Influencer Company in January of this year and I've been trying out their products.  I've known Mike in the industry for decades and have been following Brandy for some years and totally trust her instincts when it comes to clean ingredients because not only do I believe she's awesome, we think alike, she's also a believer and has been through some of the same health issues I have over the years. We are so much alike sometimes I think she could be the daughter I never had.  So far I'm loving these products and I’ve used a lot of holistic nutritional products over the years.  Surprisingly this company is not just about products it's about education.... mentally, physically, holistically, and spiritually. Just like I've been saying for years.  We’re totally on the same page!   Told ya we mamas think alike!   I also spoke with her husband Mike about the technology they are using and it's quite impressive and I’ve seen a lot over a 20 plus year career in this industry including the good, bad and some ugly.  So far this has been ALL of the good and none of the bad! 


Brandy shared this with her friends below....


Hey hey new friends!! Thought I'd introduce myself since this page is new. 👋 


We are a blended family with a TON of kids, a few ex wives and an ex husband. Some we get along with and some we probably never will….not for lack of trying though. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Our kids range from 5-23. We are a homeschooling family and live in the country on 8 acres. I’m a homebody and I never want to leave the house…. So I’m always up for entertaining! 


Mike and I both work from home full time and wouldn’t have it any other way! We moved out of our beautiful house last year because of toxic mold. I’ve been very sick from the mold and it’s been quite a journey for our family. We moved 8 times in 11 months last year. But God always has a plan and our mold journey led us to launch a holistic influencer company called OptimaLife earlier this year. We are passionate about helping people change their lifestyle and live their best life. Physical, mentally and spiritually. 🙌🏻


Mike and I don’t drink anymore and we eat super clean. I follow the AIP diet.


I used to try to be normal when I meet new people but who wants to be “normal” anyway?! Stick around and you’ll notice the convo always leads to waxeens , GMO's, pesticides, toxins, corruption, and God. Although I’m going to try to behave on this page so it doesn’t get shut down too. Censorship sucks!!! 


We just started homesteading, we have four 7 week old ducks and 12 more eggs in the incubator. Did you know that duck eggs tend to be more nutritious then chicken eggs!? 🥚 


In 2020 while everyone was buying masks, toilet paper and sanitizer we started praying together out loud daily (this changed everything for us) stocking up on guns, ammo and survival gear. 


I moved to Hawaii when I was 18. I was there for almost 7 years. I met a soldier, got married and had 2 amazing kids who are now 14 & 16. I moved back to Ohio when I left my ex and was a hot mess for years. I met Mike and we had Anya who was the missing piece in our blended family. We both love the beach and moved to Florida 3 years ago. We LOVE it here!! 🏖 


We are very patriotic (Mike is a former Marine)and stand up for our freedoms and rights. I spent most of 2020 fighting the mask mandates with our school board. My 5 year old has never worn a mask and I kept our 14 year old home until they lifted the mask mandates at her school. 


I’m passionate, loud (apparently my volume control has been broken since I was a kid 😂) , opinionated, and very strong in my beliefs. ✝️


 I’ll always speak truth even if it’s not what you want to hear. I’m not the sugarcoat kinda friend. 


I am loyal to a fault and would do anything for the people I care about. 


I’m excited to get to know you! I’d love to hear about you!

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